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International Women’s Day 2017

Wednesday is international women’s day.  Many are using it as a day of protest (staying home, not working, not shopping) to show the impact women make on our day to day lives.  Some schools are having to close for the day because they cannot run them with the number of women who are calling out of work in protest.  While I wholeheartedly support demanding equal rights & equal pay, I have some mixed feelings on this.  I feel like the day of protest is much like the women’s march.  Great, if you are a middle to uppper class white woman with an understanding job or you’re an entrepreneur.  You can easily call out of work if your husband, nanny or babysitter watches your kids, you won’t lose your job if you stay home in protest.  But what about the women who WILL lose their jobs if they protest or stay home?  We shouldn’t be shaming women and saying they are less feminist because they aren’t taking the day off.  For those that are taking the day off as protest, what are you DOING with that day off?  Are you giving back to your community, using the time to better yourself?  I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the women taking the day as protest aren’t doing anything to give back, further the cause, etc.  As a women, what are you doing in your every day life to help other women?  Regardless of if you are taking the day off or going about your day as normal, do one thing to give back to women on Wednesday.  Support a women owned business. Donate your time & money to a non profit that helps women.  Clean out your closets and donate to a battered women’s shelter or homeless shelter.  Call Duke Energy or Piedmont Natural Gas and pay someone’s bill.  Volunteer.  Bake a cake. Just do something to help a woman in need.



For my part I am using my business to help non profits.  I have been wanting to use my business as a way to support & empower my community, especially women.  So, for 48 hours you can donate $50-$200 to a non profit on this list and I will gift you a headshot session or boudoir session.  You can do this two ways – you can donate yourself (forward the receipt or screen shot your receipt that you donated – info at lindsay wynne dot com) or you can book a session through me on square and I will make a donation to one of the non profits in your name.  These are all non profits that I personally support, give money to and partner with in the community.  Can’t donate?  Share this with someone who can or make a smaller donation and let me know.  I’ll send you something in appreciation.



Donate $50-100 

receive a complimentary 20 minute headshot session (lifestyle or in studio) & 1 edited image 

Donate $100-200

receive a complimentary 1 hour boudoir session which includes makeup styling, 2 wardrobe looks & access to the lingerie collection.



Safe Alliance (battered women’s shelter)  DONATE HERE


Planned Parenthood  DONATE HERE 


Florence Crittendon Services  DONATE HERE 


Refugee Support Services of the Carolinas  DONATE HERE 






Girl Talk Foundation  DONATE HERE 







empowered women empower women.


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