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A New Chapter – A Goddess Within

It’s been a bit quiet here lately & there’s a reason for that. Since the end of September I have been unable to shoot due to an extruded disc and 2 bulging discs in my back. The extruded disc is leaking onto my femoral nerve and the 2 bulging discs are also pushing on nerves. I couldn’t walk for 2 months without a cane and even then it was iffy and I was bedridden most of the time & in excruciating pain. I’m still in a great deal of pain and I cannot currently lift anything which has meant no boudoir sessions since October 1st. I am hoping I will be cleared by January to shoot again. I am slowly healing my back, but it is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  In the meantime I am expanding my business to include something I have already been doing since I moved to Charlotte 9 years ago, I am offering up my services as a connector and a healer to women in Charlotte. All along boudoir has always been about being of service to women and not about making them look sexy.  Women come to me with amazing stories, heart warming stories, heartbreaking stories and I show them that all along they’ve been beautiful, inside and out.  I feel like boudoir made a small dent in guiding women towards their inner goddess but it stopped short.  A Goddess Within will be a continuation of that.  For the past 2 years I have had numerous people tell me that I should go into life coaching and it never felt like the right fit for me because it seemed too much about how much coaches make per client and less about helping women.  If you’ve known me at all over the past 9 years I have been in Charlotte you know I am a champion of women, an ardent supporter of women owned businesses and someone who truly wants other women to be happy and love themselves.  All too often I have had clients who put themselves last, lacked self confidence and just didn’t spend any time on themselves.  Self care isn’t about being selfish, it’s about filling your cup back up and nourishing yourself.  So many women have these limiting self beliefs that keep them from truly embracing their personality, their calling, their life.  I am here to change that!  I have definitely helped women discover themselves and heed their true calling through my work as an admin/community organizer with The Charlotte Area Tweet Tarts, The Tweet Tarts Jobs group and EmpowerMUSE.  But I could be doing more for women.  I could be spending more one on one time with them and really figuring out what they need and helping them find the right person to guide them.

I will be the connector and guide along your path.  Each goddess that comes to me will get a consultation and connections to the services and providers that will help her on her journey.  I will also be offering workshops on self care, meditation, healing, reiki, yoga, etc with my goddess referral network.  Another awesome addition will be self care kits.  If you’re not quite ready to start your journey to discovering your inner goddess you can at least be relaxed, happy and nourished.

I feel like I started this journey almost 2 years ago when I met Elizabeth of EmpowerMUSE and I just kept meeting these amazing women in Charlotte that were offering all these life changing workshops and classes and I wanted to share them with you all.  I became Reiki 1 & 2 certified.  I took feminine energy workshops, self empowerment workshops, tantric workshops.  The entire premise of A Goddess Within is about being of service to others.  That’s my calling.  It’s always been my calling.  I thought when I was younger that meant I needed to be a creative writing teacher but when that didn’t work out I put it on the back burner and haven’t revisted it until now.   But I’m back in.  All in.  I am here to change women’s lives, to empower them, reconnect them with their inner goddess and transform them. You deserve to see and connect with the amazing goddess that lives inside you.


So with this fun new journey I am taking I will also need to expand my network, form formal partnerships and open connections to amazing healers and goddesses in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  I would love to connect with other healers, yogis, coaches, life coaches, nutritionists, workshop leaders, therapists, etc. If you’re interested please fill out the questionnaire – A Goddess Within Network 


Over the next few weeks I will slowly be rolling out programs and events for A Goddess Within so stay tuned!  I will be hosting book clubs, meditations, yoga classes, healing sessions, goddess circles and intro classes.


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