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I feel like I need to revisit some of the excuses I get from women as to why they won’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t do a boudoir session.  The 2 biggest misconceptions and negative responses I come across about boudoir photography is that you have to have a partner/spouse/boyfriend to take the photos for and that you have to look like a model to do a session.


Newsflash, you can do the session just for you.  Shocking, right?  You can actually do something that empowers you just for you.  Even if you have a partner.  Why wouldn’t you want to feel like a goddess, just for yourself?  Why wouldn’t you want to spend a few hours just on you?  Why does there need to be anyone else involved on your journey to self discovery and self confidence?  Will you be less beautiful, kick ass or loved if you do the session just for you? NO.  I think you actually get more out of a boudoir or fine art session if you’re doing the images just for yourself because you take away that self doubt of “Will they like the photos?  Will they think I’m sexy?”.  You don’t need that validation, you should already feel sexy & confident from your boudoir session.  If your partner thinks you’re sexier after seeing the photos that’s just an added bonus.  If it improves your self life with previously mentioned partner, well that’s just another added bonus from your boudoir or fine art session.  What is most important is do you feel sexier after seeing your photos or experiencing a boudoir session?  That’s what matters.  And I want you to respond with a resounding YES! to that question.  I want you to look in the mirror after your boudoir session and see a more confident, self aware, self loving goddess.  I want you to shake off the seld doubt and negative thinking.


As for the misconception that you have to look like a model to do a boudoir session, that you have to lose 5-10-20lbs or another totally arbitrary goal, WHY?  Wouldn’t it be fucking amazing to love yourself as you are today?  Wouldn’t that be worth so much more?  I offer discounts for returning clients so do the boudoir session NOW and then you can lose that weight or whatever else is holding you back and come back and do another transformative session with me.  Chart your progress through boudoir!  And if you don’t lose that 10lbs?  What if it didn’t matter?  What if you were happier and more confident than you were 2 weeks ago, a month ago, a year ago but still had that 10lbs?  That would be amazing, right?  It could change your whole outlook on life.  Don’t wait for someday.  Someday doesn’t always come.  It may be eternally out of your reach.  Embrace the now and start loving yourself for YOU.


Celebrate yourself today.  Love yourself today.  Embrace yourself today.  You are worth it.  Own it.  Love it.  Live it.






Do you feel inspired and ready to take the next step?  Yay!  Let’s get you scheduled for your life changing boudoir session!


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Ladies, it’s just that easy!  You too can look good naked by following those 3 easy steps.  Want to feel more confident naked?  Simple, book a boudoir or fine art session.  Switch a lingerie look for a nude or white sheet look during your boudoir session or book a fine art session with a nude look.  The client in the image?  She’s 49.  Yes, you read that right.  49.  You can be confident with your body at any age!  Does she have parts about her naked body that she doesn’t love? Of course!  Does she let that get in the way of her confidence or self worth? NO.  And you shouldn’t either!  Maybe despite all the barre classes you still have that little baby belly that just will not go away, maybe you’ve got scars or thick thighs or your hair just doesn’t cooperate.  Embrace your uniqueness.  Love yourself anyways.  There will always be parts that you’re not totally in love with and that’s okay as long as you love yourself as a whole.  Look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell your self everything you love about you, how amazing you are, what you’re going to accomplish today, what confidence and courage you’re going to show the world today.  My yoga teacher was talking to us about personal mantras on Monday.  She tells herself how strong she is, how beautiful she is and how she’s going to kick ass today every single day.  She tells each body part how much she loves it and appreciates it.  What’s your personal mantra?  Mine is “I’m a fucking goddess.”  because well, I’m me & I like swear words.  a lot. Yours can be anything as long as it’s affirming, positive and encouraging.  For 2 weeks repeat your mantra in the mirror and truly believe it and let me know if you feel any different.  It’s amazing what a little self confidence, self love and self encouragement can do for your mind, body and spirit.  Go forth and be positive self loving goddesses!


Ready to boost your self confidence and feel like a goddess?


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If you’ve spent any time with me at all, follow me on facebook or Instagram you know that one of the biggest reasons I am a boudoir photographer is empowering women.  Sure, it’s nice to get glammed up by my makeup & hair team and put on sexy lingerie and take gorgeous images but I want you leave the studio feeling more empowered than you did when you entered it.  I don’t say “I change women’s lives through boudoir photography” in my 60 second intro during networking events because it sounds bad ass, I say it because it’s TRUE.  Over and over again my clients will message me a few hours after their session and tell me how beautiful they feel, how much I’ve boosted their confidence, how empowered & emotionally strong they feel.  I get messages a week after their image reveal telling me that they’ve taken the leap and done something they’ve always wanted to do, or that they’re making sure to take more time for themselves.  And I freaking love it!  I believe in empowering women, encouraging women, supporting women and just generally believing that women are fucking bad ass goddesses who rule the world.  I get called the connector a lot because one of the things I love to do is connect bad ass women to each other.  I truly want your business to thrive, for you to be happy, healthy, confident and have an amazing tribe of women surrounding you and lifting you up.


I deal with women’s confidence, lack of confidence, body issues, etc every single day as a boudoir photographer.  There is a reason that I tell you to do the session now and not when you’ve lost that mythical 10lbs you’ve been trying to lose for years.  That’s for SOMEDAY.  Someday may never come.  Why not invest in yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself TODAY?!


Case in point.  I send each client a follow up questionnaire after their session to see what changed after their session, how it made them feel, etc.  A recent client told me that she wasn’t skinny, she had a mom bod and she wrestled with the idea of doing the session despite the fact that she thought she still had 10-15 lbs left to lose.  She pushed past her fear and did the session anyways and she had nothing but shout from the roof top positive things to say about how the session made her feel and view herself.


Yesterday I had an image reveal and the client said about a week after her session her husband said “something is different about you & I can’t figure out what, but I like it’.  She turned to him and said “….I think it’s confidence.  I think I finally have confidence!”.  And then she promptly told me that even before she or her husband saw her images their sex life improved.  There are added bonuses to boudoir!  😉  She is a mom of a 4 year old and a 7 year old step daughter who navigates a demanding, emotionally draining career while trying to co-parent a blended family & still make time for herself and her husband.  She told me she did the session to feel better about her body post baby.   During her reveal she kept saying “I didn’t know I was that beautiful”.  Over & Over.  Honey, YOU ARE THAT BEAUTIFUL!  You are a gorgeous goddess.   And she left her session and her reveal feeling like a million bucks with her confidence boosted and her inner goddess chanting “I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am amazing!”.



This is what I’m all about ladies.  I want you to have that life changing WOW inspiration moment.  I want you to walk taller and feel confident after your session.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be boudoir related.  You can do a boudoir session, a subtle boudoir session, a fine art session, a river women session, etc.  Just getting in front of the camera, working through your internal issues and struggles and coming out changed on the other side is what’s important.  The session is transformative and encouraging, no matter what session you have.  This is why, when I’m not taking boudoir photography I am embracing my role as Vice President of EmpowerMUSE, a women’s empowerment non profit in Charlotte.  We strive to empower women through education, workshops, story telling, connections and just simply encouraging the women who surround us.  For me empowering women is part of every waking hour (and probably every sleeping hour too!) of my life.  It’s what I am passionate about.   It’s my thing.  So let me empower you!


Join me for a special EmpowerMUSE Fine Art Boudoir Session.  You will get a 1 or 2 hour fine art session and a 1 hour empowerment session with Elizabeth and myself.  You can choose to have your empowerment session the week before your session or after your session, depending on if you want to confront your inner goddess during your boudoir session or not.  We will talk about your fears, self love, body positivity, empowering yourself and women around you.  We will dig deep.  We will probably cry.  We will definitely laugh.  A $25 donation will be made to EmpowerMUSE with each session.  You will get an 8×10 fine art print from your session to remind you of your inner goddess.  Since these are raw, emotional sessions I am making hair & makeup styling optional.


 What you get:

1 or 2 Hour Fine Art Session

1 hour Empowerment Session with Elizabeth & Lindsay Wynne of EmpowerMUSE

8X10 Fine Art Print from your session

Supporting a local non profit (empowerMUSE)




Pay your deposit or session fee here



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Interested? Fill me out!

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Because facebook is, well, facebook, I constantly see lingerie ads & sponsored lingerie posts in my feed.  I probably look like a crazy lingerie obsessed freak to the Facebook marketing team.  Seriously, all my sidebar ads are thongs.  Not kidding!  So when I kept seeing Naja Lingerie in my feed, I admit, I ignored it.  Then I saw that they were doing a $250 gift card giveaway & I thought hey, it can’t hurt to enter, right?  When I got an email with a 20% off discount code I of course clicked around the website.  And I fell in love.  Ethically created lingerie, bad ass female owners & eco friendly production as well as just gorgeous, well designed lingerie.  What’s not to love?!  They employ single moms and female heads of households and give them awesome perks like education, free lunches, etc.  I really suggest you go to the brand’s Values page and check out everything they’re doing because it’s pretty much amazing.  They even have a non profit, Underwear For Hope.  The wash bags that come with their bras are handmade by women around the world , making them entrepreneurs so they can support their families.  Did I mention that it’s run by two badass Latina chicks?!  One of them you’ve probably heard of, Gina Rodriguez​ (Jane from Jane the Virgin, total guilty pleasure!) and Catalina Girald, member of The Council of Foreign Relations & former lawyer. I want to hug them, high five them & buy all their lingerie!  Plus, they have big JK Rowling quotes on their page.  How can you not love that?!


Have I turned you into Naja Lingerie fangirls yet?  How about $15 towards your first purchase?!  Click here & get your $15!





I found some awesome looks from Naja Lingerie for your boudoir session, you can check them out on the pinterest board below

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The ladies at EmpowerMUSE and I are so excited to collaborate on this new photography project!  It’s part boudoir session, part therapy session and part bad ass women’s empowerment session.  One of the core goals of EmpowerMUSE is story telling.  We want women to have a safe space to talk, encourage each other, tell their stories & relate to one another.  We want women to know that no matter their circumstance, history or current situation that we support them, encourage them and will lift them up and we want fellow Charlotte women to do the same.   How do you get involved?






So, women of Charlotte, TELL US YOUR STORIES!  We want to know your struggles, your accomplishments, what you have overcome, what has empowered you, what has made you proud to be a woman, what women have inspired and encouraged you and what you can do to help encourage other women in Charlotte and beyond.  This is your chance to be heard, to be counted, to get it all off your chest.  It can be happy, sad, hard, emotional, encouraging, just tell it!  Each woman will interviewed about her story by our team and have an empowering 15 minute fine art portrait session with Lindsay Wynne Boudoir.  To begin with we will be photographing and video-ing 10 women in Charlotte telling us their stories.  Want to be one of those awesome women?  Apply below!  To be considered for the Empowerment Project you must sign a full release and agree to release 1 photo from your 15 minute empowerment fine art portrait session & allow us to show the video.  Don’t worry, you can choose the photo!  We ask that each participant be over the age of 21 but there is no age limit.  We welcome all races, ethnicities, sizes, shapes, occupations, experiences, etc.  We want a diverse group of bad ass Charlotte ladies!  We are starting with 10 women but we hope to tell more stories in the coming months.   #CLTWOMENSEMPOWERMENT #EMPOWERMUSE #CLTEMPOWERMENTPROJECT


Share. Tweet. Post in a group you’re in.  Instagram it.  We want to hear your story!




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Please apply below

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