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I have been trying to write this post for weeks.  WEEKS.


Shizz is about to get real, I’m just warning you. All week I have been reading these Body Positive articles on Buzzfeed (read them here) and it really has gotten me thinking.  I saw an article a few days ago on Bustle titled 11 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Body Positive and I pretty much ended up in tears over it because it was the absolute exact opposite of how I was raised.  My mom was (and still is) extremely obsessed with not only her appearance & weight but my appearance and weight as well.  I used to hide snacks in my room because I was too afraid to eat in front of her for fear of what she would say.  I still, at 34, stop and eat before I go to her house, even if I’m going for lunch or dinner because I know she watches what I put into my mouth like a hawk & she prefers when I leave half my plate full and don’t touch dessert.  At 34 she still stresses me out about my body, what I eat, etc and I would hate for anyone else to have to experience that.  I would swim 4 hours a day and eat healthy and would only lose a pound.  It’s all in my hormones and my thyroid.  It’s not that I wasn’t trying.  But all she could see was my aunt and grandmother, who had limited mobility and painful arthritis and a host of other health problems.  My mom has always been obsessed with her appearance and very negative towards herself.  She was the head cheerleader, homecoming & prom queen.  & I’m the weird, chubby, tattooed, funky haired girl.  We couldn’t be more opposite.  When we went to the beach as kids she wore a t shirt and jeans, never got in the water, never swam with us and she still wears the same thing to the beach with her grandkids.  My mom has never worn shorts that I can remember in my 34 years.  And she’s not big at all.  She’s fit, active & is usually between a size 8-10.  It breaks my heart to see all the negativity she surrounds herself with and I am determined to not let that be my life as well.  I want to be happy with myself, love myself, accept myself.  Sure, we can always improve but when you are the victim and self hating 24-7 you never reach your full potential.  You get stuck in the grind.  You don’t reach for your dreams.  And I want you to reach for your dreams!


This is my WHY.  This is why I am constantly telling you to do the boudoir session even if you think you need to lose 10lbs.  This is why I want you to love yourself NOW.  Would you rather feel like the amazing goddess you are, comfortable in your skin and happy with yourself or would you rather constantly feed the negativity & be unhappy with yourself?  Why wouldn’t you choose to be that goddess everyone around you knows you are?  Is loving yourself and being body positive easy?  NO.  It requires some deep soul searching work on yourself.  You have to get over a lot of shit to get to the point where you feel like a fucking goddess.  It takes time & it isn’t always pretty.  But you take tiny steps.  You work towards it.  Every day to look yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself every thing you love about yourself, what you’ve accomplished, what badass things you’re going to accomplish.


This article came up on my news feed today about wearing a swimsuit during the summer as a mom, as I’m sure a number of similar articles and blog posts will over the summer.  You already have that bikini body.  It all starts with putting on the damn swimsuit!  That’s it.  You have to turn off the negative inner roommate in your head and actually live in & enjoy the moment.  Get into the water with your kids.  Build the sandcastle.  Chase them through the sprinkler.  Be present and confident and love your damn self because you’re fucking awesome.  Your kids will remember that you were there with them, they won’t remember that you had a muffin top or jiggly arms.  I love this quote from the article:


“I’ve wasted too much energy in my life putting down my body and myself. The change I needed to make was to start to love my body—to really love it, see it, accept it. And that meant recognizing the power, strength, and gifts my body has provided. I haven’t lost the baby weight, maybe I never will, and that’s OK. I belong in a swimsuit, and if I don’t put on my swimsuit because I’m concerned my body isn’t good enough, I will without a doubt miss out on fun memories and experiences.”



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Ready to take the next steps to building your body confidence?

I created 10 steps for you to take.  I will be breaking them down via the blog over the next few weeks.  Read it.  Share it.  Believe it.



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The warm weather is finally here! Can you believe it will be almost 90 next week?! Where did spring go?  By now you’ve spent the past few months recovering from winter hibernation and have put in some time at the gym or at the barre (or if you’re me you’re lucky if you got 1 30 minute walk in this week). Celebrate that bikini body (achieved by putting a bikini on it!) and join me on Oak Island for a different kind of boudoir session. This year I will have a limited number of Beach Boudoir sessions available.


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What is beach boudoir?

It involves sexy swimsuits, rolling around in the sand and playing in the waves. It can be as glam or as boho as you’d like. Start in a flowy coverup and end in a sexy bikini in the waves. Beach Boudoir is also perfect for someone who is interested in a boudoir session but wants a more playful session. Be prepared to get sandy, dive into the ocean and have some fun! Sessions will be at sunrise and just before sunset and makeup styling is included (hair styling is available as an add on).  Sessions are $379 including makeup, prep guide & in person, skype or phone consultation. Acrylic & Metal Prints & Image Boxes make great add ons to your beach boudoir session!

 Dates available:

Weekday : June 21st & 22nd, July 19th

Weekend : August 13th & 14th




What to wear?



Interested? Sign up below & reserve your session via deposit here

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I promise I photograph gorgeous “regular” sized women and curvy plus size women on the regular, but despite the fact that they feel sexy & empowered after seeing their images many are hesitant to release their images so you tend to see the more openly body confident clients on my site.  I want to change that.  I want you to truly love yourself, your body & your images so much that you want to shout from the roof tops and share all your images.  So I’m looking for 4 brave & kick ass women who will release 20 images from their session that are a size 8-26.  You can choose the images during your image reveal.  Release those 20 images and your session is complimentary, including hair & makeup ($450 value).  That’s how you know I’m serious!  You also get a complimentary phone app with your 20 images ($199 value).  After your session you can choose to purchase an album, the digital files, etc but you are not obligated to purchase anything.  You do need to bring your own lingerie (don’t worry, in your pre-session consultation I will tell you what you need to bring) and you will have access to the 300+lingerie collection to supplement your own wardrobe options.  It is very important that you listen to my instructions on lingerie & what to bring (& what not to bring!) failure to do so will cancel your session.  Wardrobe is key!


Maybe you’re not THAT brave…Not comfortable with releasing 20 images but still want to release a few?  If you release 5 images (you can choose the images!) you get your session fee for half the price ($225) and you get the 5 images you selected as a complimentary phone app ($99 value).


You don’t have to just release the super steamy sexy photos from your session.  You can release subtle boudoir, fine art images, detailed anonymous images, images where your face is cropped or in shadow to hide your identity.  There are plenty of poses and ways to shoot to protect your identity.


What is included:

makeover by professional hair & makeup artist

2 hour boudoir session

full access to the lingerie collection

phone app of 20 released images


What is required of you:

Release 20 images

bring your own basic lingerie

Listen & follow my directions and guidance for lingerie, posing & expression

…That’s it!



Lindsay Wynne Boudoir Studio in Steele Creek area Charlotte (you’ll get a welcome packet with the address & details)

Thursdays & Fridays 9am or 1pm

Sunday 9am or 1pm




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Have I convinced you yet? Sign up here:

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I know, when you think Mother’s Day you don’t normally think boudoir but how awesome would it be to give yourself an amazing confidence boosting boudoir session that empowered you as a woman and a mother?  Mother’s Day is a chance to have some time for yourself, pamper yourself with a mani/pedi and reconnect with your inner goddess with a sexy boudoir session!  Give yourself the gift of positive body image and self confidence!


And husbands/boyfriends/spouses, your lady deserves a few hours to herself to reconnect with herself in a new & different way.  Not only do you get an empowered confident woman as a result but you get to look at the gorgeous images (if you’re lucky!).  What an amazing gift you can give her for Mother’s Day!


Why offer a boudoir session special for Mother’s Day?  Almost all of my clients are mothers.  I listen to their stories.  I want to encourage them to reconnect with that inner goddess that they’ve pushed aside to be a (fantastic) mom.  Day in & day out, they always put their kids and husbands first.  They rarely do something just for themselves.  They work full time jobs while juggling soccer and dance schedules and getting dinner on the table.  They run households and businesses.  They run out of the house in yoga pants, no makeup and hair in a ponytail to drive their kids to school.  They’re high powered lawyers and CEOS that struggle to balance work & family.  Give them a few hours to take a breath, let loose and experience a life changing boudoir session.  They deserve it!


Details:  At least a deposit must be paid by Mother’s Day (May 8th).  The session can be photographed anytime between 4/21/16-10/8/16.  If you book with a deposit the remainder of the session fee is due 2 weeks before your session.  You can break the payment into 2, 3 or 4 payments, with the last payment due 2 weeks before the session.





– 2 hour boudoir session

– unlimited lingerie looks

– unlimited access to the lingerie collection

– Sweet Treats & Boudie Swag Bag

– small leather album with 30 images

$1099 (save $250)


book by April 30th and receive a complimentary phone app of your album ($199 value)


Pay your deposit or book your session here









 Sign up for your life changing mother’s day session below!




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It’s that time of year!  I can finally start photographing River Women Series Sessions again!  I book the River Women Series Sessions from May-September. The River Women Series Sessions can be booked in 1 hour or 2 hour sessions and are all photographed within an hour of Charlotte.  I create timeless & elegant black and white fine art portraiture in our local river systems.  These are photographed either early morning or late evening, depending on the look and feel you’re going for with your session.  You’re responsible for your own wardrobe but luckily my River Women Series Sessions coincide perfectly with boho festival season so there are tons of long, flowing white dresses to be had.  What I love about the River Women Sessions is that each one is totally different.  Some women choose to do a more Pre-Raphaelite, long elegant flowing dress &  flower crown feel, some choose to go more lace & boho and some choose to do a more fine art nude/boudoir style session.  You can also mix and match session styles during your session.  We will plan your session during your pre-session consultation and you will get a how to prepare guide.  I leave how far you want to get into the water totally up to you, but I do love it when women go all in & lay in the river, the images look amazing!  This is also why hair & makeup styling is optional!


I had a special request from Elizabeth of EmpowerMUSE to do a mountain version of the River Women Sessions so I will be teaming up with EmpowerMUSE for a River Women excursion to the NC mountains during the summer, so look for details coming soon!   We will have room for 3 1 hour sessions & 4 30 minute sessions and a portion of the session fee will be donated to EmpowerMUSE.  You’re responsible for your own transportation and lodging for the mountain sessions.  We will be camping & you’re welcome to join us & have an empowering women’s weekend!  (& don’t worry, what I do is closer to Glamping!)


We are excited to offer a few new fine art products for this year’s River Women Series Sessions.  Loktah has come out with 2 new products, a Cypress Gift Set, which is 12 prints nested in a block of wood (you can switch out the front image every month!) and a 4 image matted box set.  We also always suggest framed prints, metal prints, canvases and their lagniappe wood hung canvas for the River Women Series Sessions.





Pre-session consultation

1 or 2 hour Fine Art Session in a local body of water

1 7X10 fine art archival print (1 hour session) or 11×14 fine art archival print (2 hour session)

*2 Hour River Women Series Sessions Include a handmade real or faux floral crown


Remember, the River Women Series Sessions are very limited, so book your session now!  You can pay your deposit or the session fee on Square here




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