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As women you are constantly surrounding yourself with negativity & self doubt.   From commercials to ads to other women we are overly critical, we compare ourselves to other’s highlight reels and are told to attain this impossible perfection from an early age.  When you look in the mirror you don’t see the powerful inspired woman you are, you are focusing on every flaw,  criticising every little thing you think needs to be fixed.  We have such a hard time telling ourselves that we are amazing, beautiful beings who deserve to be celebrated, treated well & respected, by both ourselves and others.  Negative self talk is rampant.  You constantly feel inadequate, you second guess yourself.  It’s a plague on women today.  We desperately need to reconnect with our inner goddess.  We need to raise our frequencies and practice loving everything about ourselves.

How amazing would it feel to look at yourself in the mirror and feel happy, strong and confident?  To look at your reflection and truly believe that you are an amazing goddess who deserves everything she wants?   What would that be worth to you?  Think about that for a moment.  What would be different in your life if you let go of the negativity, embraced your divine feminine power and truly stepped into yourself?  



Maybe you have lost sight of yourself and your desires.  You had kids, you went into the corporate world and you are looking back wondering when the last time you stoked your inner passion was.  When did you last paint, run through the woods, take a day just for yourself to explore or did something that ignited your soul.  For some women it’s been months, others years.  I want you to rekindle that flame of self love and passion.   

I want to help you rediscover yourself. I want you to realize your gifts and share them with the world.  One of the ways I can do that is through photography.  You thought it was just about pretty pictures, didn’t you?!  As a woman & an Alchemist Archetype, I am a natural healer & enabler.  I will have coffee with you and give you 10 new ways to help you along your path.  I will give you totally new paths to walk along that never occurred to you but suddenly feel right.  I will spark something inside of you.  I am all about transformation, heeding intuition & being a catalyst.  I have clients who have left abusive relationships after sessions with me (without ever discussing their situation with me), they have left the safety of the corporate world and flourished as an entrepreneur, they have increased their confidence, sex lives and just felt more alive & happier.  Their husbands have said repeatedly “There’s something different about you.  I can’t put my finger on it but I like it.  Keep it up”.  The photos are just a small part of that experience.  During your session, spoken or unspoken, we are breaking down your limiting beliefs.  We are crashing through your self doubt and negative self talk.  I am showing you how the world sees you and it is as a beautiful, strong & confident woman.  And once you begin to truly see yourself that way everything changes.  Once you get rid of those limiting beliefs and negative self talk and step into your own feminine power amazing things start to happen.

If you are resistant to change & scared of the possibilities that could unfold you probably won’t ever do a boudoir or fine art session and if you do you probably won’t get as much out of as someone who is open or has a high vibe.  If you approach it with open arms, willing to transform and accept the changes that will happen you will have an amazing experience that will be a catalyst for so many other amazing changes in your life.  But you have to be open to it.  That’s the key.  Be open to change and new experiences and you will get so much more out of life, not just your boudoir session!


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Step into your divine feminine power with a boudoir, fine art or river women series session today





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fine art nude model call charlotte nc, charlotte nc boudoir photographer, lindsay wynne boudoir, PINIMAGE


As I go more towards fine art, woodsy wild woman, water nymph style sessions I need to update my portfolio.  While I usually include at least a topless pose & occasionally a fine art nude series at the end of my boudoir sessions these are generally not images I get model releases for.   I am looking for studio models and outdoor fine art nude models.  Experience preferred but I am more interested in finding the right fit.  These are very specific image styles, posing and locations and I need someone who is comfortable nude, takes direction well, is flexible, has an adventurous spirit and is not shy.  Women only please!  I will have a female assistant with me on the outdoor sessions.  These are not my typical boudoir sessions & they are not explicit/Maxim style sessions either.  They are artfully created fine art portraits. These are dynamic, emotional pieces of artwork we are creating together.  It’s a collaborative session.  These kinds of sessions take the right personality.  These sessions are not for everyone, I get it.  If you’re adventurous and willing to frolic nude in the woods, then you might be a good fit 😉  These will not be totally anonymous images so please keep that in mind.  If you’re interested but don’t have modeling experience I will be doing a few select complimentary sessions.

The outdoor fine art nude sessions will be very free spirited, boho, wild goddessy style.  Must be okay with hiking into locations, traveling up to 2 hours away from Charlotte for the right location.  For ideas of what I’m going for click here (nsfw)  Some of these sessions will also be done in the NC Mountains, so preference is given to models nearby or models willing to travel to the mountains.


What I’m looking for is two fold.

1. Experienced models :  I would love to find experienced fine art figure models.  This would be a paid modeling experience, you would get a few images for your portfolio but you must have previous experience either as a figure model for art classes/workshops or as nude fine art model.  I want to see portfolios & galleries of your previous work.  I will be very picky about who is chosen for this project. I want to meet each model before the session and talk about the project.  You will sign a contract and a full model release.


2.  No experience : No figure work experience or you’re not a model?   I will do a few complimentary sessions (no hair & makeup included though) with a large print credit or digital files in exchange for a full image release.  No partial release for these sessions.  You must sign a full release, this is non negotiable.  Open to all sizes, you must just be comfortable being fully nude, that’s the main requirement!  You will sign a contract & a release upon being accepted as a model.  Again, I am going to be super picky about this project.


3.  Don’t want to sign a full release?  You can book a Gaia Session ($350) & release 5 images and get a $100 print credit & a phone app ($199 value) with the 5 images you chose to release.


Models can be located in the Charlotte area (within an hour of Charlotte), Asheville/Boone/Hickory/Hendersonville Area (outdoor session only) or within two hours of Charlotte in SC.  Looking to shoot Mid August-Mid September.



  • Long hair
  • ability to hike into the woods if needed
  • no awkward/bad tan lines
  • sign full model release
  • no size/race/ethnicity requirements, you just have to be comfortable nude!
  • no large tattoos, stretched ears or facial or body piercings
  • must meet before we shoot!
  • show up on time & ready to work


I will be meeting prospective models the first 2 weeks of August and once I have my final models I will send out confirmation emails with details on the sessions, locations, what to bring, etc.



Apply here

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Gaia Session


I have been working on a rebrand after taking an amazing 6 week workshop with Jess Sells.   My brand before didn’t really represent me & the kind of clients I want to work with.  I’m a free spririted, free people wearing, happiest with my bare feet touching the earth wild souled woman.  I don’t wear makeup, I barely style my hair (and if we’re honest I’m really close to just shaving my head & being done with it).  I get my energy from being outside, wandering in nature.  I’m new to yoga but I adore it.  I’m drawn to crystals and the feminine power surrounding us.   & I want to work with women who celebrate all those things as well.


Looking back on the Pinterest Boards I have made for personal projects I want to work on almost every single one is sun drenched, outside & very natural.  I really want to include that natural, simple, earthy style into my work.  While most of my clients love having their hair & makeup done, getting smoky eyes and Victoria Secret model hair I am running into many clients who are yogis, life coaches, spiritual feminine guides & wild women who want to go more natural for their sessions, either no makeup or very little.  They want to be out in nature soaking up the sun & becoming one with their surroundings.  So I will also be offering Gaia Sessions.  Most of the Gaia Sessions will be outdoor boudoir.  Think free people/coachella/festival vibes.  Wild women in the woods.  lots of fringe, lots of lace, crochet, suede or nothing at all.  You can also do a more boho vibe boudoir session in the studio as well.  These sessions will be up to 2 hours, include access to my wardrobe & will be mostly on location.  No makeup or hair is included in the session, but you can add one or the other or both.  You always have the option to release 5 images and get a $100 credit on your products.   Location fees may be extra.  I will also be offering these are mountain sessions.  What could be better than frolicking in the mountains naked?!




What’s Included:

Full access to my lingerie collection

Up to 3 looks  or 2 looks & nude

On location or in the studio

Makeup & hair styling optional




Book your Gaia Session here 


 For more information on Gaia Sessions (and our other offerings!):



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Venus Session


I absolutely love my job.  LOVE IT.  One of my friends recently asked on facebook “If you won the lottery, would you still work your current job?”  My answer is a wholehearted YES.  I get to reconnect women with their often lost inner goddesses every day and it’s a wonderful feeling.  I get super animated & gushy when I talk about what I do.  It makes my heart sing. I want every woman to experience an empowering, life changing boudoir session.  My passion is encouraging women to love themselves wholly & fully, to shed the guilt, the stereotypes, the body shaming & just be themselves and love who they are as they are right in this moment.  Boudoir Sessions are a luxury but they are also an amazing gift to yourself.  Not everyone can afford a full 2 hour luxury boudoir session so I decided to offer 2 options to give every woman an amazing boudoir experience.


The first new boudoir session I am offering is 3 Venus sessions a month.  First come, first serve, they will be blasted out via email, facebook & instagram & only live for 24 hours.  First one to pay the session fee gets the session & only 3 will be released a month.  You have 60 days from the time you book to when your session expires.  You must have your session in those 2 months.  No products are included in the session.  The sessions will be an hour long & include hair & makeup.  2 lingerie looks or 1 lingerie look & 1 white sheet look or 1 nude look.  Want to get on the email list for openings?  click here.


venus session, short boudoir session, charlotte nc boudoir photographyPINIMAGE

What’s Included:

Full access to my lingerie collection

2 lingerie looks or 1 lingerie look & 1 white sheet/nude look

Makeup & hair styling

$100 product credit if you release 5 images

all prints, products & digital images are separate

Only 3 available per month!




sign up for the email list here to be notified when sessions become available:


 Aphrodite Session


Often times when I am perusing lingerie websites for clients I come across a certain item of lingerie or clothing that I suddenly HAVE to shoot.  (seriously, facebook must think I’m a giant perv because all my side bar ads are lingerie…ALL of them!).  Sometimes they’re not always my client’s style or they’re a bit darker, moodier or sexier than they would wear.  I also love having the opportunity to get creative & play around, so does my hair & makeup team.  So I will be offering up 1 session a month at a lower price point where I shoot a certain piece of lingerie, a certain style or in a certain location.  I’m calling them Aphrodite Sessions as a nod to the goddess of Love & Fertility, no man could resist her 😉


In order to book the session you must wear the lingerie I select (we can do a 2nd set in something you pick out)  & you must release 5 photos of my choosing from the session (you’ll get them complimentary as a phone app, $199 value!).  The session will be 1-2 hours, depending on what I’m going for, usually in the studio but it may also be on location.  First one to pay the deposit gets the session, no holds!  The session will be $199 (normally a 2 hour session is $450) This is definitely a session more for the bold & adventurous!  & as always if you release an additional 5 images you get a $100 product credit.


aphrodite session, boudoir session, charlotte nc boudoir photographyPINIMAGE


What’s Included:

Full access to my lingerie collection

2 looks (my choice & yours)

Makeup & hair styling

5 images on a phone app



Book your Aphrodite session here





Want more information on the sessions?  Sign up below

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Sometimes you have to break clients out of their comfort zones.  Jill usually all things pageants, glitz & glam so spending an evening in the mud & water of the Broad River was a bit out of her comfort zone!  This Broad River location is a local hotspot for hanging out on the river in an inner tube & there were a ton of young kids in bright neon shirts who were very determined to be in my images, waving their hands wildly at us and cackling with laughter.   There was a lot of giggling on our end too, a clip in hair extension fell out, Jill kept floating too fast past me & had to awkwardly back stroke in knee deep water to get back to her starting point.  It’s just a fun, unique experience all around.  One of my favorite things about the River Women Series Sessions is listening to how being in the water affected my clients.  It’s really fascinating.  Almost every session the words “Freeing”, “Empowering” & “Calming” are used and they often don’t want to get out of the water 🙂  There is just something magical, mystical and healing about the water.  If you want to book your own River Women Series Session click here for more info.


river women series, fine art photography charlotte nc, empowering women, mystic portrait sessions, lindsay wynne boudoirPINIMAGEriver women series, fine art photography charlotte nc, empowering women, mystic portrait sessions, lindsay wynne boudoirPINIMAGEriver women series, fine art photography charlotte nc, empowering women, mystic portrait sessions, lindsay wynne boudoirPINIMAGEriver women series, fine art photography charlotte nc, empowering women, mystic portrait sessions, lindsay wynne boudoirPINIMAGEriver women series, fine art photography charlotte nc, empowering women, mystic portrait sessions, lindsay wynne boudoirPINIMAGE



Want to experience an empowering & freeing session of your own? Book your own River Women Series Session below:

The River Women Series Sessions

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