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Halloween is over and the Christmas decorations are going up everywhere which means it’s time for a super special boudoir session offer!  I want you to give yourself the gift of empowerment, self confidence and a connection to your divine feminine power this holiday season.  Boudoir sessions are an excellent way to treat yourself, practice self care and truly love yourself.  And you know, your partner will also appreciate the sentiment 😉  But don’t think you need to do this for anyone else but yourself.  I can’t tell you how many single clients I have.  They’re celebrating milestones, divorce or just doing it because they’re taking the much needed steps to self love and body confidence.



This is valid for one week only, December 1st-7th for all you late holiday gift shoppers!  I am doing some kick ass add ons: you get access to the lingerie collection & a 3rd lingerie or white sheet/fine art nude look.  Normally my 1 hour sessions don’t include the lingerie collection and you only get 2 looks.  These sessions are filling up fast so if you want in on this awesome deal you need to book soon!  To secure your session please sign up below. I will email you with a calendar to select your day & time.  Your non refundable $99 deposit is required to keep your session on the books.  The remaining $400 is due 2 weeks before your session.

December 1st-7th (ONE WEEK ONLY!)

1 hour boudoir session

hair & makeup styling

access to the lingerie collection (normally not included in 1 hour sessions!)

up to 3 looks – 3 lingerie looks or 2 looks and 1 white sheet/nude set (normally only 2 looks for 1 hour sessions!)

10 Image phone app

or 10 low resolution images




sign up for your holiday boudoir session!


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I’m going to try something totally different.  A friend who is a full time artist (oil painting) & I were chatting about being artists, how we could both scale our work to make it accessible to all and how we want everyone to experience the transformation that occurs with our work.  She mentioned a painter she had been following was working entirely on a “Pay what you will” basis.  This intrigued me.  It’s a little different as a painter to offer pay what you want vs a photographer (as they can create small 5×7 works all the way up to murals) but I wanted to see how I could make it work as a boudoir photographer.

So I’m asking you ladies, what is a boost of confidence worth?  What is enduring self love worth to you?  What are you worth as a woman?


I’m very passionate about all women loving themselves, building their confidence and showing them through my art how incredible they are.  The art of boudoir photography is not in how you see yourselves but in how the world and the artist sees you.  I see your strength.  I see everything you’ve overcome to get where you are.  I see the inner goddess that you’ve forgotten exists inside of you & that feminine energy that is begging to be re-ignited.  I see your passion and your desire and that’s what you see in my portraits.  I capture the spark of feminine energy being reignited.  The transformations I see and the way my clients blossom like flowers of sensuality and confidence after their sessions gives me the warm fuzzies.  I freaking love it!


Last week I was at a networking event with a client and she was telling everyone she talked to about the confidence boost she got from her boudoir session and that every woman should do a boudoir session because of how much better she felt about herself, sex and her sensuality after her session and how months later, she was still feeling the boudoir session afterglow.  That’s what I want you to experience during and after your session.  I want my clients to walk confidently into a room, be bold enough to make changes in their lives to feel happy and fulfilled, and to re-connect with themselves and reawaken the inner feminine energy that we all have as women.


This isn’t just an easy, in and out portrait session.  I spend time with my clients before the session, getting to know the WHY.  What brought them to me and how I can help them.  My clients are often survivors of trauma, abuse, and violence.  Their boudoir sessions become a safe space to share, heal and thrive & a way to take back power & control of their bodies.  I hear heartbreaking and inspiring stories each day that encourages me to continue to do everything I can to empower women in all aspects of my life.


What goes into a boudoir session?  I spend at least an hour, sometimes longer with each client pre-session, where we discuss why they are doing the session, what they want to get out of the session and what they should wear.  Each client gets a weekly email from me leading up to their session with details on how to prep, what to shop for and what to expect from their session.  On the day of the session clients spend an hour or so in the hair & makeup chair with my professional stylist getting glammed up for the session and then I spend 2 hours in the studio photographing the client.  A week later the client comes into the studio again for the Image Reveal.  I soft proof their session, narrowing the hundreds of images I have taken down to the absolute best 30-50 images.  From there the client spends about 1 1/2 hours selecting their products.  Then all the magic happens!  The editing process & album creation take a few days for each client and then they head to the print lab.  All in all, it takes roughly 60 hours per client from pre-session to product delivery.  It’s a labor of love, y’all.


What does a boudoir session cost?  My 2 hour boudoir session costs $450.  This includes a pre-session consult, personalized weekly emails, access to my 300+ item lingerie collection, professional hair & makeup styling and 2 hours of photography.  Albums start at $649 for a small 20 image hand edited custom designed leather album,  Acrylic prints start at $169 for a hand edited heirloom acrylic mount print and collections start at $999 for a 20 image hand edited custom designed leather album, 6 high resolution digital images & a 20 image phone app.


so….Pay What You Will : Karma Sessions


The Rules:

1. Minimum bid is $300 for a 2 hour session with hair & makeup, access to the lingerie collection & 1 low resolution image.

2.  You must tell me WHY you want the boudoir session.  You have to write more than a single sentence. I need more than “i want to surprise my husband” or “I’ve always wanted to do this”.   Really dig deep and tell me how this session is going to change your life.  What you’ve overcome.  I want to hear your story.

3.  You must enter before 11/5 at midnight

4. Remember that no prints, products, albums or digital images are included in the session fee (I’m gifting the winners a web sized low resolution image).  You have the option to purchase other prints, products, albums and digital images.    I also offer payment plans for prints, products & digitals.

5.  The session must happen before January 10 2017.




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Last call!  Summer is winding down and fall is coming soon, which means I have limited time to shoot in the river before you ladies get too chilly!  If you’ve always wanted to do a River Women Series Session now is your chance before the end of May next year.  I am offering 3 group sessions on Saturdays (see below), you can also book sunrise or sunset on Fridays & sunrise on Saturdays.  More flexible with your weekdays? I can fit you in during the week if needed.



What is a River Women Series Session?

Imagine yourself standing on the bank of a beautiful river as the sun is dipping below the trees. Your long, flowing dress flutters in the breeze. You feel calm. You feel empowered. Brave. You radiate confidence. Close your eyes. Really put yourself along the river bank. Feel the warm soft sand on your bare feet. The coolness along the water’s edge. It feels amazing, right?

That, my friends, is a River Women Series Session. Just you, me, a flowing dress and some water. No fru fru lingerie. You don’t even have to have hair & makeup done. It’s simple. It’s empowering. It’s transformational in a totally different way than boudoir sessions are. Throughout history rivers have had mystic & healing properties. There is just something primordial and ancient about them that we are drawn to. They renew us.  For more details, wardrobe suggestions & how to prep click here.

Want to have your own transformational River Women Series Session?  click here to schedule your session  & here to pay your deposit.  



Dates Available :

To book a group 30 minute session on the weekend dates – click here (only 4 available per day)

Weekends (Saturdays only):

September 17th (sunrise – full sessions, sunset- group sessions)

September 24 (sunrise – full sessions, sunset- group sessions)

October 1st (sunrise – full sessions, sunset- group sessions)

October 15th


September 16th

September 23rd

October 7th


What to bring:

  • An adventurous spirit (We will be deep in the rural NC woods!)
  • A long, flowing, white/cream or solid colored dress (click here & here for examples & links to buy)
  • Water shoes! (The rocks are slippery)
  • A change of clothes (including a bra & underwear!)
  • A towel (super important!)


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Over the past few months I have been getting real with myself, exploring how to best guide & transform women.  I went to countless websites, followed women on Instagram whose message I connected with and I noticed a pattern.  Women who were really putting in the work, who were manifesting & creating amazing content had their own personal stock photos of themselves that they used in facebook groups, their mailing lists, sales funnels and Instagram.  And it got me thinking.  How amazing would it be to connect with women who were doing the same thing in Charlotte?  Every day there are new life coaches, health coaches, healing artists, yoga instructors, etc in Charlotte & the surrounding areas who could benefit from having a session where not only did they get headshots and images that captured their divine feminine power but could also be used as headers on websites, throughout their sales funnel pages and for marketing their programs and classes on social media.  I love supporting local women & their businesses and this is a wonderful chance to help them put their best foot forward online with their clients.  No stuffy studio headshots.  Just clients being real and having fun and enjoying the process.   And so The Visionary Branding Sessions for The Wild Soul was born.  (Visionary Branding Sessions for short!)  You can read more about them here.


I met Hillary when I took Leahanne Smith’s Warrior Goddess Training workshop series, Hillary led the yoga & meditation part of the workshop and I was immediately drawn to her.  I loved the gentle encouraging and peaceful meditations she led and the way she walked us through the yoga flow.  It was just super serene and comforting and I knew I had to work with her further.  I’ve had this vision of adding a meditation session to my River Women Series photos for months but I hadn’t yet found the right person to lead it until I met Hillary and it all fell into place 🙂  So look for an awesome series from us in late September & October where we combine yoga, meditation and letting go of things that don’t serve you down the river.  Hillary teaches yoga at Charlotte Yoga & at Haylo Healing Arts and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & she has an awesome yoga class series around the elements starting soon!  You can follow her on facebook & instagram.   Hillary was my first Visionary Branding Session client.  We went on a little adventure in Davidson.


charlotte nc yoga portraits-lindsay wynne photography-hillary heath-davidson_0201-kodak gold 200PINIMAGE



“Oh my goodness!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart thank you…yesterday was life changing to see that photo today really made me step up to the plate and take ownership of my own power.  Thank you, I feel free” -Hillary H


charlotte nc yoga portraits-lindsay wynne photography-hillary heath-davidson_0288-fuji reala 1 stopPINIMAGE


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Maybe you’d like to explore your wild side.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session but something held you back.  Maybe you just really think you’d look fucking hot in a bodysuit 😉

Want to explore your wild side & be a little adventurous?!  This month’s Aphrodite Session is bodysuits!  I have two super sexy bodysuits that I just bought for the studio that I am dying to photograph (I love a good bodysuit!).  These are sized m/l & you might be able to get away with wearing a bra under one or both.  For your signed full release of 5 images of my choosing from your session you get a boudoir session, complete with hair & makeup styling, for $199.  Normally my sessions are $450.  There is only one Aphrodite Session available so the first adventurous woman to pay the session fee gets the session!  As an added bonus you’ll get the 5 images you released on a phone app ($199 value). Must love your tummy for this one!  I will have you come into the studio and try the lingerie on during your consult.  If the lingerie doesn’t fit you, you don’t feel comfortable etc you have the option for a refund or you can apply your Aphrodite Session fee to a full boudoir session.  Are you in?  Book your session here.  Maybe not as adventurous as you’d thought?  You can inquire about a regular boudoir session here


aphrodite session, boudoir session, charlotte nc boudoir photographyPINIMAGE

Aphrodite Session

  • pre session consultation with Lindsay Wynne
  • up to a 2 hour boudoir session with hair & makeup styling
  • must release 5 images of Lindsay Wynne’s choosing (you’ll get them complimentary as a phone app, $199 value!)
  • you can wear a 2nd look of your choosing
  • First one to pay the deposit gets the session, no holds!
  • & as always if you release an additional 5 images you get a $100 product credit.
  • no prints, products or digital images are included except for the 5 images on the phone app
  • Book your session here


The Bodysuits

black sheer lace bodysuit, lindsay wynne boudoir, charlotte nc boudoir photographerPINIMAGElong sleeved sheer mesh with gorgeous lace accents

black lace bodysuit, lindsay wynne boudoir, charlotte nc boudoir photographerPINIMAGE

sleeveless lace detail bodysuit with mesh sides




Want to talk to Lindsay Wynne first? Inquire below

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