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Ladies, I need some gorgeous curvy gals to share in my portfolio!  I want to see some confident women applying!  I have some new plus size/curvy lingerie in the collection and I really want to see some empowered, body loving, gorgeous regular size/plus size/curvy gals experience a boudoir session!  Boudoir is for every woman.  Every age.  Every size.  Every woman deserves to feel confident, sexy & empowered and in love with herself!


Requirements :

– Size 12+
– available during the week
– must sign a full model release
– Deposit of $150 is due when accepted as a model to cover hair & makeup styling
– Must provide your own lingerie (you will have access to my collection as well)

You get:

– a complimentary 2 hour boudoir session
– phone app of your edited images
– No requirement to purchase any additional products
Not comfortable with a full release? If you do a partial release I will give you a 2 hour boudoir session for the price of a 1 hour boudoir session. You save $150 & get the phone app with the edited images.
What is a full model release?
It gives me permission use any of the images from your session on Instagram, facebook, my blog, studio sample products like prints and albums or marketing materials like a flyer in a salon.
Partial model release
I can’t use the images online (blog, fb, IG) but I can use them in studio sample products like albums, prints, metal prints, etc.  These are seen by potential or current clients during pre session consults or image reveals.
Limited release
Not comfortable with either the full or the partial release but might want to release a few images from your session?  Release at least 5 selected images from your regular paid 1 or 2 hour session (they can be detail shots, anonymous, regular images), select where they can be used – you get a phone app with the images you released or a $150 product credit.  

To apply:

Just 2 steps!
– Send a selfie to
– fill out this questionnaire


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Wednesday is international women’s day.  Many are using it as a day of protest (staying home, not working, not shopping) to show the impact women make on our day to day lives.  Some schools are having to close for the day because they cannot run them with the number of women who are calling out of work in protest.  While I wholeheartedly support demanding equal rights & equal pay, I have some mixed feelings on this.  I feel like the day of protest is much like the women’s march.  Great, if you are a middle to uppper class white woman with an understanding job or you’re an entrepreneur.  You can easily call out of work if your husband, nanny or babysitter watches your kids, you won’t lose your job if you stay home in protest.  But what about the women who WILL lose their jobs if they protest or stay home?  We shouldn’t be shaming women and saying they are less feminist because they aren’t taking the day off.  For those that are taking the day off as protest, what are you DOING with that day off?  Are you giving back to your community, using the time to better yourself?  I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the women taking the day as protest aren’t doing anything to give back, further the cause, etc.  As a women, what are you doing in your every day life to help other women?  Regardless of if you are taking the day off or going about your day as normal, do one thing to give back to women on Wednesday.  Support a women owned business. Donate your time & money to a non profit that helps women.  Clean out your closets and donate to a battered women’s shelter or homeless shelter.  Call Duke Energy or Piedmont Natural Gas and pay someone’s bill.  Volunteer.  Bake a cake. Just do something to help a woman in need.



For my part I am using my business to help non profits.  I have been wanting to use my business as a way to support & empower my community, especially women.  So, for 48 hours you can donate $50-$200 to a non profit on this list and I will gift you a headshot session or boudoir session.  You can do this two ways – you can donate yourself (forward the receipt or screen shot your receipt that you donated – info at lindsay wynne dot com) or you can book a session through me on square and I will make a donation to one of the non profits in your name.  These are all non profits that I personally support, give money to and partner with in the community.  Can’t donate?  Share this with someone who can or make a smaller donation and let me know.  I’ll send you something in appreciation.



Donate $50-100 

receive a complimentary 20 minute headshot session (lifestyle or in studio) & 1 edited image 

Donate $100-200

receive a complimentary 1 hour boudoir session which includes makeup styling, 2 wardrobe looks & access to the lingerie collection.



Safe Alliance (battered women’s shelter)  DONATE HERE


Planned Parenthood  DONATE HERE 


Florence Crittendon Services  DONATE HERE 


Refugee Support Services of the Carolinas  DONATE HERE 






Girl Talk Foundation  DONATE HERE 







empowered women empower women.


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It’s a new year!  I want 2017 to be the year that every woman celebrates themselves.  It doesn’t matter if you have a partner, spouse or are carefree and single, you can still benefit from a transformational boudoir or fine art session!  In order to encourage more women to love themselves fully and unconditionally I have added some kick ass new session options!


My spine doctor has officially given me the okay to start shooting again.  Whooooo hooo!  Just in time for Valentine’s Day sessions!  I will be offering an app with all album purchases in January & February to make sure all clients have a gift for valentine’s day (a $199 value).  I will also have beautiful cards available for those who want to surprise their sweetheart with a session but don’t want to be rushed to fit it in before Valentine’s Day or have missed the deadline for Valentine’s Day sessions.


There will be a few changes at Lindsay Wynne Boudoir for 2017.  First, we will be adding a lower cost fabric album option as our base album, you can stay with the fabric cover or upgrade to leather, vegan leather or an ICE acrylic cover.  Boudoir is definitely a luxury experience but we are working towards offering some sessions and products at a lower price point.  Please note that the base album quality and the leather album quality will be very different.  The vegan leather, leather & acrylic albums are hand made by a boudoir only album company and the fabric albums are produced by a well known national printing lab.


—I am expanding my most popular session, the 1 hour Venus Session.  Normally I only release 3 one hour sessions a month and they are usually gone within an hour of releasing them.  I will be offering more 1 hour Venus Sessions this year!  This is another way to have a luxury boudoir experience without the full session pricetag.  There will be 3 one hour sessions released each month for  $250.  If you didn’t snag one of the 3 coveted slots you can book a 1 hour session for $300.  As an added bonus for those of you who don’t snag the $250 1 hour session I will be gifting you a small metal print ($119 value) valid until 1/31/17.


—A new addition is something I have been doing at the end of many sessions but it will now be offered as a stand alone session option, fine art portraits.  These sessions can be fine art nudes, on location fine art portraits or studio portraits.  You will have access to some gorgeous heirloom products with your fine art sessions, included encaustic prints (wax over a fine art print).  Fine Art Sessions will start at $300.  I will post more about the fine art sessions in the next week or so!


—And my last new option is a Model Experience Session.  I have had Model Experience/Model Call sessions all along but I have retooled them.  All model sessions will be an hour and a half long and include hair and makeup styling and access to the lingerie collection.  In return for a fully signed model release you will get a free upgrade to a leather album cover ($150 value), a phone app with images from your session ($199 value), a free upgrade to a 3 lingerie look session ($100 value).  That’s $449 in bonuses!  I require all model release clients to sign a full model release (giving me permission to use any photo from your session on the blog, instagram, facebook or in marketing).  If you are in a relationship or married I will require you to have a conversation with your partner/spouse before the session takes place.  I know it may ruin the surprise if you are doing it as a gift (but the images are truly the surprise!) but this way you are both on the same page.  The time to back out of a full model release is before the session has taken place!  Once the session has taken place and you have signed the model release there are no take backs.


January Session Options (must book by 1/31):



The Model Experience


  • 90 minute Boudoir session
  • Phone app with edited images from the session ($199 value)
  • Free upgrade to leather album cover ($150 value, purchase required)
  • Free upgrade to 3 lingerie looks or 2 lingerie looks & 1 fine art nude or white sheet ($100 value)
  • Hair & makeup styling included
  • Access to the extensive lingerie collection
  • Must sign a full model release (Blog, instagram, facebook & marketing)





1 hour Venus Session


  • 1 Hour Venus Boudoir Session
  • Hair & makeup styling included
  • 2 lingerie looks
  • Access to the extensive lingerie collection
  • Small metal print ($119 value)




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Galentine’s Day Sessions


Book a back to back session with your bestie and you each get a $100 discount on your session (1 hour or 2 hour sessions & you don’t have to book the same session length!).  You can relax with your bestie while you get your hair & makeup done and while you are having your amazing boudoir experience your bestie is getting her makeup done!  Make plans for lunch, double date or cocktails afterwards to celebrate how epically sexy you both look 😉

$100 off



charlotte nc boudoir photographer, lindsay wynne boudoir, boudoir photography charlotte nc, galentinePINIMAGE




30 Minute Petite Fine Art Session


No frills, no hair & makeup styling (it can be added for $150) just you, me and the camera for 30 minutes.  You can be as demure or sexy as you want.  You can make the session an hour long for an additional $100.  You can do classical fine art beauty portraits, fine art nudes, a white sheet session or be adventurous and go outdoors (weather permitting!). No prints, products or digital files are included.




fine art session charlotte nc, fine art portrait charlotte nc, fine art nude charlotte nc, lindsay wynne boudoir, PINIMAGE



Interested in a session?  Please complete the below form!


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It’s been a bit quiet here lately & there’s a reason for that. Since the end of September I have been unable to shoot due to an extruded disc and 2 bulging discs in my back. The extruded disc is leaking onto my femoral nerve and the 2 bulging discs are also pushing on nerves. I couldn’t walk for 2 months without a cane and even then it was iffy and I was bedridden most of the time & in excruciating pain. I’m still in a great deal of pain and I cannot currently lift anything which has meant no boudoir sessions since October 1st. I am hoping I will be cleared by January to shoot again. I am slowly healing my back, but it is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  In the meantime I am expanding my business to include something I have already been doing since I moved to Charlotte 9 years ago, I am offering up my services as a connector and a healer to women in Charlotte. All along boudoir has always been about being of service to women and not about making them look sexy.  Women come to me with amazing stories, heart warming stories, heartbreaking stories and I show them that all along they’ve been beautiful, inside and out.  I feel like boudoir made a small dent in guiding women towards their inner goddess but it stopped short.  A Goddess Within will be a continuation of that.  For the past 2 years I have had numerous people tell me that I should go into life coaching and it never felt like the right fit for me because it seemed too much about how much coaches make per client and less about helping women.  If you’ve known me at all over the past 9 years I have been in Charlotte you know I am a champion of women, an ardent supporter of women owned businesses and someone who truly wants other women to be happy and love themselves.  All too often I have had clients who put themselves last, lacked self confidence and just didn’t spend any time on themselves.  Self care isn’t about being selfish, it’s about filling your cup back up and nourishing yourself.  So many women have these limiting self beliefs that keep them from truly embracing their personality, their calling, their life.  I am here to change that!  I have definitely helped women discover themselves and heed their true calling through my work as an admin/community organizer with The Charlotte Area Tweet Tarts, The Tweet Tarts Jobs group and EmpowerMUSE.  But I could be doing more for women.  I could be spending more one on one time with them and really figuring out what they need and helping them find the right person to guide them.

I will be the connector and guide along your path.  Each goddess that comes to me will get a consultation and connections to the services and providers that will help her on her journey.  I will also be offering workshops on self care, meditation, healing, reiki, yoga, etc with my goddess referral network.  Another awesome addition will be self care kits.  If you’re not quite ready to start your journey to discovering your inner goddess you can at least be relaxed, happy and nourished.

I feel like I started this journey almost 2 years ago when I met Elizabeth of EmpowerMUSE and I just kept meeting these amazing women in Charlotte that were offering all these life changing workshops and classes and I wanted to share them with you all.  I became Reiki 1 & 2 certified.  I took feminine energy workshops, self empowerment workshops, tantric workshops.  The entire premise of A Goddess Within is about being of service to others.  That’s my calling.  It’s always been my calling.  I thought when I was younger that meant I needed to be a creative writing teacher but when that didn’t work out I put it on the back burner and haven’t revisted it until now.   But I’m back in.  All in.  I am here to change women’s lives, to empower them, reconnect them with their inner goddess and transform them. You deserve to see and connect with the amazing goddess that lives inside you.


So with this fun new journey I am taking I will also need to expand my network, form formal partnerships and open connections to amazing healers and goddesses in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  I would love to connect with other healers, yogis, coaches, life coaches, nutritionists, workshop leaders, therapists, etc. If you’re interested please fill out the questionnaire – A Goddess Within Network 


Over the next few weeks I will slowly be rolling out programs and events for A Goddess Within so stay tuned!  I will be hosting book clubs, meditations, yoga classes, healing sessions, goddess circles and intro classes.


Want to follow A Goddess Within?



Website (coming soon!)


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I have been pretty quiet about this on my business pages, business social media and blogs but for the past 8 weeks I have been unable to shoot due to a bad back injury.  It stems from an injury I sustained when I was 18. I was walking a horse who reared up and flung me 6 feet in the air & I landed awkwardly on my back.  I partially crushed my L5 vertebrae.  Ever since then I have had issues with my left side from my hip to my knee and have gone through injections, physical therapy, pain meds, nerve meds and muscle relaxers to fix the damage.  2 years ago, through yoga and medical massage 1-2x a month I went off all pain, nerve and muscle relaxer medication.  Then I stopped going to yoga a few months ago since our teacher was no longer available and slowly the pain and muscle issues have reemerged but now on my right side and much worse.  Something is going on above the damaged vertebrae in the L2-L4 vertebrae.  It’s been incredibly painful, femoral nerve was damaged, and I had been unable to walk for 6 weeks & am in excruciating constant pain.  Over the past 2 weeks Physical Therapy and massage have been helpful and I’ve regained some movement in my right leg but I still can’t lift anything over a few pounds without being in severe pain.  I have my MRI results drs appointment tomorrow with a spine surgeon and hopefully I will be given the all clear to shoot & lift things again.  It’s been incredibly frustrating to miss my entire busy season of holiday boudoir clients but I’m grateful that I have kind and understanding clients that know I would photograph them if I could, even if I’m not supposed to be shooting.  Right now, per drs orders, I am not allowed to shoot, lift anything or move anything.


It’s kind of ironic that a few months before my back injury my friend Elizabeth had a similar injury that forced her to give up her day job that involved a lot of lifting and movement and instead focus solely on her landscape paintings.  She was forced to follow her dreams of being a full time artist.  Many of you don’t know this about me but my degree is a BFA in Studio Art (painting) & Creative Writing (poetry).  I spent most of my childhood and young adult life creating art & writing.  I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since 2005.  I painted daily before that.  One of the mediums I have always wanted to explore was encaustics but it also kinda terrified me because it’s so out there.


What is encaustics?  Encaustics is painting with wax.  You can do traditional painting with wax pigments or oil sticks with wax layers or you can use wax over photographs to create a ghostly film, in mixed media pieces and really anything, it’s incredibly versatile.  I have always wanted to incorporate it into my photography.  While I love boudoir I am also incredibly drawn to fine art photography and how creative and loose you can get with it.  Well, this injury is the perfect time to embrace my forgotten fine art side.  I am currently learning about mixed media collage and encaustics and playing with old fine art images I took when I first got into photography.  But I would LOVE to have some new images to work with (especially since my skill level as a photographer has drastically improved).  Once I get cleared to shoot I will be photographing fine art & boudoir clients.


I also feel, as a woman, a feminist and someone who wholeheartedly supports the empowerment of women that I need to create art to empower women, challenge perception and encourage other women to embrace their inner divine feminine.  While boudoir can help heal wounds of abuse, assault, negative body image and low self esteem I feel like I can be doing MORE.


So.  I am putting out a call for models.  I have a couple different projects I want to do with encaustics, including very simple fine art portraits with layers of wax over top to larger scale projects like creating a woman out of detail images of different women all on small wood blocks to really getting creative and exploring mixed media collage encaustics.  Some of the images will be full nudes, some will be implied nude and some won’t have any nudity, just bare shoulders or body parts like arms and hands and detail shots of faces.  You can sign up at your desired comfort level.


It is very important that you understand that by submitting to be a model and signing a full model release that you accept that your image/likeness will be used in my fine art and will be on display.  If you aren’t comfortable with that please do not sign up.  If you need to consult spouses please do so before submitting to be a model.  This is not something you can take back once the art has been created.  Encaustics is an expensive endeavor as an artist & I’d hate to spend a lot of time & money on a piece and not be able to use it or show it to anyone.  The end goal is to submit to galleries or have a solo gallery show.


Don’t want to sign a release but want a fine art encaustic portrait session?  Click here to book a fine art session with 1 encaustic art piece. I’m offering 30 minute, 1 hour or a mix of boudoir & fine art for these sessions.

Once I have narrowed down my selections for the first round of shooting you will get an email with 2-3 dates and times that I have available.  If you cannot do those days/times and you have been selected as a model I will put you on a list for round 2.


What is required of the models:

-nude, implied nude, bare shoulders or detailed anonymous body images

-a full signed model release

-15-30 minutes of photography time in my studio in SW Charlotte

-desire to be empowered and emboldenedPlease email a headshot (can be a selfie!) to with the subject line ENCAUSTIC MODEL after applying with your name in the body of the message

-Please email a headshot (can be a selfie!) to with the subject line ENCAUSTIC MODEL after applying with your name in the body of the message





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